What are the benefits of sheepskin for baby ?

What are the benefits of sheepskin for baby ?

What are the benefits of sheepskin for baby?

Without a doubt, sheepskin is a beautiful addition to any nursery or playroom and will keep your baby cosy in pushchairs and car seats. However, there is more to lambskin than meets the eye and the hidden benefits of sheepskin are definitely worth knowing about...


Sheepskin is self-cleaning...yes, really!

Whilst a little one in your family brings so many magical moments, nobody can deny they also bring a lot of mess. Spending a lot of money on high-quality baby products to have them destroyed by muddy fingers or food is seriously disheartening! Sheepskin contains lanolin, packed with self-cleaning properties if left to hang in the air. This makes it a natural dirt repellent, and our medical-grade sheepskin also has anti-bacterial properties, reducing the need for harsh chemical cleaning products.


Quieter nights for parents

The comfort and support that sheepskin brings creates a perfect sleeping environment for baby and many parents have found that their babies manage to get more rest as a result! This is partly due to its breathable qualities, but also the gentle textures. Dense wool fibres ensure that lambskins absorb pressure without flattening - this promotes a good night of sleep for baby (and parents too!).


Benefits for health

Anti-bacterial qualities of sheepskin reduce instances of germs and illness and resist soiling, but many scientists believe that the health benefits of lambskin are far more pronounced than this. Natural sheepskin products are hypoallergenic, but further research in Germany has indicated that the microbes found in lambskin can also boost the immune system and reduce chances of developing asthma later in life.


Not just for winter months...

Everyone knows that sheepskin will keep babies snug in cold weather, but lots of people are surprised to learn that sheepskin is just as effective in summer. Its breathable nature and naturally thermostatic qualities mean that it helps with temperature regulation and actually keeps babies cool in the heat.