baby sheepskin liner as play mat

What are the benefits of sheepskin for babies?

Providing you choose a baby safe product and follow important guidelines from the Lullaby Trust, sheepskin can offer lots of benefits for your baby. It is important to remember that sheepskin isn’t a fashion accessory and careful selection of the product you purchase will ensure that your little one is safe and benefits from all that this wonderful natural product has to offer.


Keeping baby warm and cool

Whilst most parents identify sheepskin as something to keep baby warm, it is naturally thermostatic so won’t only keep your baby cosy in winter but will also keep them cool in summer. It’s all down to the natural fibres and the space between them. Within the fleece there are tiny insulating spaces which can keep the warmth in and also wick moisture away and allow a free flow of dry air next to skin, the best of both worlds!


Reduces Discomfort

Sheepskin is a great natural product to reduce friction and provide support, this is helpful not only for sleep but also for wriggling around on a playmat or rug. The layers of wool fibre are soft and move against each other effortlessly providing pressure relieving support and a comfy cosy feel. Each fibre is like a tiny, coiled spring which absorbs pressure and does not flatten – for the maximum benefit always choose medically tanned shorn hair which is cut to the optimum level for support.

Soothes the skin

Sheepskin has naturally occurring lanolin in the fleece – similar to that in our own skin. Lanolin is commonly used in skincare and emollients. This is why the texture of sheepskin feels so soft and comforting and also provides a way of soothing inflamed skin and itchy conditions. Baby soft skin on sheepskin isn’t just a lovely photo opportunity, its soothing and moisturising too. Our baby mittens with string and regular baby sheepskin mittens are great at keeping those little hands smooth and moisturised. 

Keeps the bugs at bay

Sheepskin naturally resists dust mites and bed bugs and inhibits the growth of mould. This is largely down to the construction of the fibres which repel dirt and bacteria growth. This dirt resisting property can be maintained by regular airing and brushing your sheepskin – no need for regular washing unless you can’t remove debris with a brush and a spot clean 

Reduces Asthma

Some studies have found that infants exposed to animal fur such as sheepskins have a decreased incidence of asthma, hay fever and wheezing as they grow up. The theory, according to researchers, is that sheepskin has beneficial tiny organisms that help to bolster a baby's immune system, the idea that a little exposure provides stronger immunity in later life.

And so to sleep

Sleep is the holy grail of parenting and sheepskin is one of those products that many parents hail as the answer to sleepless nights. We have numerous parents contact us delighted with the soothing effect of sheepskin on their child’s sleep pattern. It’s due to a combination of the thermostatic qualities, naturally soft comforting fibres and supportive nature of the fleece that aid sleep. That being said we always recommend adhering to the guidelines of the Lullaby Trust when considering the sleep environment of your little one, especially under 6 months of age. Using a sheepskin pram liner might be a good compromise in those early days if you wish to try the natural benefits of sheepskin with your baby before progressing to sheepskin liners for cots and beds as they grow.


Using a sheepskin fur pram liner will add great comfort to your baby’s pram, we offer a range of sheepskin liners for prams, buggies and car seats.