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Top Gifts For New Parents

New parents are often overwhelmed with many gifts, so it can be difficult to choose something which stands out and is useful to them. Selecting something both unique and practical is a difficult balance, but can really show your love and appreciation for your special friends or family members. Below is an insight into what new parents really want to receive from those around them….


Thoughtful gifts to help parents remember their special occasion are likely to be treasured far more than an outfit or toy that the baby will quickly grow out of. Customised pictures, scrapbooks or room decorations with birth dates, weights, star signs and names are widely available online in a variety of shapes and forms to fit your loved one’s taste! Keepsakes are likely to be kept for many years and many can also be used to help decorate a new nursery or bedroom.


Just for Parents

When inundated with gifts for baby, it is often so special to receive something just for Mum and Dad. Even something small like a pamper kit, gift card or some alcohol or chocolate will show the parents that you are there for them and thinking about them too. There are lots of subscription boxes with gift ideas or more practical recipe boxes for quick and easy meals which you can purchase as a ‘one off’ or to run for a few months. Spoiling your friend or family member and making sure they know you’re willing to support them can often be more valuable than cliché baby toys and gifts.


Natural and Organic

More and more parents are looking towards natural and organic products for their newborn and this opens up a whole range of gifts to choose from. Organic cotton and bamboo baby sleeping bags or sleepsuits are a good place to start. There are a number of companies now specialising in organic baby bathtime, massage oils and toiletries. Sheepskin for baby is also a useful purchase – sheepskin has thermostatic qualities so is warm in winter and cool in summer as well as being super snuggly. A range of products are available including nursery sheepskin play rugs and liners for prams, moses baskets and carrycots.



If you have already been a parent, expectant parents will appreciate nothing more than your wisdom! Why not purchase something that really worked for you, or that you never knew you needed until you had your baby? This shows your willingness to help out and be a part of the new baby’s life. Think back to those days and the things that made life easier, or made you feel appreciated and loved – what would have made a difference for you and can you incorporate that into a gift.