FLATOUT Bear Frequently Asked Questions

FLATOUT Bear Frequently Asked Questions

FLATOUT Bear Frequently Asked Questions

FLATOUT Bear Frequently Asked Questions

Since FLATOUT Bears are unique companions and gifts alike, we totally understand that customers might have some questions about them! To help you decide which bear is right for you, or which special someone you might want to buy a bear for, we’ve answered some of the most asked questions we get about our bears below.

What is my FLATOUT Bear Made of?

FLATOUT Bears are made from high-quality Australian sheepskin. Their eyes are baby-safe and the sheepskin has been tested, conforming with UK, EU, US and Australian baby safety guidelines. 


Which Colours and Sizes are Available?

At Baa Baby, we stock FLATOUT Baby Bear (18cm x 16cm x 4cm) in Milk, Honey, Latte, Chocolate, Leopard and Koala.

We stock FLATOUT Big Bear (28cm x 24cm x 5cm) in Milk, Honey, Latte, Chocolate and Koala.

In addition, we sell FLATOUT Bear Rugs (85cm x 72cm) in Milk and Latte for a neutral nursery.

Why Buy a Flat Teddy Bear - and why are they Flat?

FLATOUT Bears are not only unique but are far easier for little ones to grab. They are easy to snuggle and can even be used like a pillow. Their lack of protruding features mean that they are well suited to babies and younger toddlers.


Is a FLATOUT Bear good for Gifting?

We’ve found that children and adults alike love to be gifted FLATOUT Bears – who couldn’t use a cuddly companion? Eco-friendly, long-lasting and soft to the touch, little ones instantly fall in love when they’re gifted a FLATOUT Bear. They are some of our most popular products for gifting! 


Can my FLATOUT Bear be Gift Wrapped?

They’re easy to wrap and come gift-ready in a reusable and sustainable FLATOUT branded tote bag. For that extra special touch for your gift, FLATOUT Bears fit snuggly in our magnetic close embossed gift boxes.


How do I Keep my FLATOUT Clean and Soft?

Something we love about FLATOUT Bears is that their natural sheepskin means that they’re self-cleaning and antibacterial. This means they can be spot-cleaned with a cloth and water/gentle wool wash most of the time.

We understand that FLATOUT Bears receive a lot of love and can be carried everywhere – this means that plenty of people want to give them a deeper clean. You should only wash your whole bear if the dirt is not removed with spot cleaning as the texture of your bear may be affected.

Your FLATOUT Bear can be placed in cool water with sheepskin shampoo ( you must use a specialist shampoo for sheepskin containing lanolin. The bear should be gently moved around and agitated in the water then rinsed in cold running water before being rolled in a towel carefully to remove moisture. You should always let your bear dry naturally, away from heat and sunlight, somewhere cool. Never put your bear in the washing machine or dryer, heat with shrink the leather and damage the bear.

We hope we’ve managed to answer your questions regarding FLATOUT Bears. If there’s anything else you’d like to ask us – about a bear or any of our products – feel free to reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook or email!