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The Baa Baby Difference

Why choose Baa Baby

I know what you are thinking…
obviously we would recommend ourselves!

Of course, when it comes to sheepskin for baby we have more than a little knowledge and experience under our belt however we also want to make sure that our customers know what is right for them.  

Sheepskin for your baby is a real investment and it has to be everything you want it to be. Here’s what makes Baa Baby stand out from the crowd .....

Baa Baby Eco friendly gift box for baby shower or new baby gift

Trusted by you...

Looking for reviews about sheepskin pram liners or sheepskin baby rugs?
There really is only one place to go; and that is to an independent source. Every one of our customers are invited to review our products on Reviews.ioTrustpilot & Google.

These reviews aren’t from ‘gifted’ products, or from companies paid to advertise, they are from our wonderful paying customers, parents, grandparents and real people. We are not perfect (who is?) but when customers are not 100% happy we go the extra mile to make things right. Check out every one of our reviews - customer satisfaction is our absolute priority.

If a company or supplier doesn’t use an independent review source ask yourself why not?

Award Winning Luxury.

We are also really proud to have won some independent awards from Lux Life and Loved by Parents which includes...

- Best Baby Sheepskin Brand,

- Best Baby Shower Gift,

- Best Pushchair Accessory.

Voted for by professional product testers and our wonderful customers.

Baa Baby Best UK Sheepskin Brand Award 2020

Knowledge and Experience

For once age is a virtue! We’ve been around over 14 years and in this time have seen companies come and go; and the baby sheepskin business take new directions. What was
once a simple and natural product has now increasingly become a fashion accessory. We did use to source British sheepskin for babies but with only one working tannery in the UK this has become impossible as they no longer supply babysafe fleeces.

All our sheepskin is now sourced from New Zealand or Europe – we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that standards are exacting. We prioritise working with manufacturers who can supply OKEO-TEX 100 certified  products and every footmuff from Fellhof and Kaiser which we stock holds this certification.

Safety is our number one priority – we give careful advice around sleeping and if sheepskin isn’t the right choice for you, your baby, your circumstances or even your pram we will tell you.

Owner of Baa Baby Sheepskin Baby Brand

Quality & Design

Obviously we believe our sheepskin pram liners are the best, but each supplier is unique and will have something different to offer. Here we want to give you all the information about our own quality and design to allow you to make an informed choice.

At Baa Baby we have two main design of pram liners which have taken many years to design & perfect. We should have every pram style covered, but if not, we will always tell you! We don’t have an overall ‘one size fits all’ policy as it just doesn't work. We do also allow you to try and return anything you are not completely happy with. If you need bespoke fit let us know - we cut our liners here so can accommodate a special request.

Most importantly our pram liners are a good size to cushion your pram and are always cut from a single fleece of lambskin. This means that there is no nasty stitching at all, no uncomfortable seams that will wear and no patchwork. You also won’t find sheepskin pram liners with stripes at Baa Baby, they require stitching and patchwork – if that’s your thing then you will find plenty of suppliers out there who can help you achieve the look you want.

Sheepskin pram liner fitting advice comparing Baa Baby Sheepskin Pram liners fitting in an iCandy Peach pram

Quality that's worth the price.

The price of sheepskin pram liners can vary quite dramatically – we stock Bowron Pram Liners which start at around £40, our own Pram Liners are £79 and there are many on the market at around the £100 mark. We have had customers who think our product is a wonderful price and others who think it is expensive. So what is the difference in pricing and does high cost equal high quality? We can’t speak for other brands but here’s what we know about the pricing of products we supply - a great product at a fair price.

Bowron Liners
Bowron are a huge company and a wholesaler – their pram liners are a little smaller, single design and are from smaller squares of sheepskin sewn together to produce a square teddy shape shape. They are still beautiful quality and a great value introduction to sheepskin for baby.

Baa Baby Liners
Within the cost of our liners we have the obvious production cost of sheepskin which is significantly higher – we are a smaller company, our sheepskin liners are handcut, and they are from a single fleece rather than smaller cuts which is much more expensive to produce. Like all businesses our costs then include our advertising, staffing, fulfilment, and in addition we have various eco friendly and socially responsible initiatives. We need to make a profit to pay a fair wage and produce a high quality pram liner. After that our heart is all about growth of the business in an ethical and socially responsible way and we do constantly reinvest (not a ferrari ,or trip to the moon!). Success for Baa Baby isn’t all about growth and definitely not about a bank balance – it’s about doing good and feeling good. As the owner of Baa Baby and a mum myself the one lesson I wish I could give my younger self is that the only thing of any value in life is time, spend it wisely with those you care about and be the good in the world, it really is the best feeling !

Going the extra mile...

This year so far we have:

- Agreed a corporate partnership with ‘Rays of Sunshine’ granting wishes to children with life limiting and terminal illnesses,

- Donated £1 from every pram liner to our chosen charity,

- Joined a local social responsibility partnership,

- Planted trees for every review (whatever the content!),

- Donated to local charities,

- Switched all our postal bags from plastic to paper,

- Participated in National Teddy Bear Day Charity Event at Sheffield & Leeds Hospitals

Sheepskin pram and buggy liner in mountain buggy pram

So that’s us in a nutshell. If there’s anything more you wish to know then please just ask away. We want to give open, honest advice whatever your question and if you have any suggestions around how we can be better please let us know - we are always looking to improve.

With honesty and ❤️

Helen, Owner ( )