Sheepskin Care

By its very nature sheepskin has self-cleaning properties - welcome news to busy parents!

However, here are some easy steps to help look after your fleece and keep it in fantastic, natural condition:

•  Brush and Air regularly.

•  Remove light spills with a damp cloth, avoid washing regularly.

•  Follow Care Instructions carefully for washing and drying!


Washing your sheepskin:

1.  Cool Hand Wash or Gentle Machine wash on a wool cycle at 30°C. May also be professionally dry cleaned.

2.  Use a specialist wool shampoo containing lanolin to help maintain the fleece.

3.  Do not spin.

4.  Air Dry Flat - try not to leave in direct sunlight or use any form of artificial heat.

5.  While drying the skin should be stretched periodically back to shape.

6.  No Tumble Drying.

NB: The leather may harden slightly following the washingprocess but following use will return to its normal softness.