VI-sheeP rewards

VI-sheeP rewards

Welcome to VI-sheeP,  Baa Baby’s very own loyalty scheme. We want to make sure that our loyal customers enjoy a little back each time they shop with us or share the love on Instagram.

Loyalty Benefits

As a member of the scheme you will receive discounts on future purchases and have access to special VI-Sheep only offers. Read our FAQ to find out how it all works

What are you waiting for ?


Just click on the rewards icon in the bottom left of your screen. When you sign up for an account you will receive 200 points.

You will earn 5 Sheep for every £1 spent. So if you place an order that is £98 you will earn 490 Sheep.

100 Sheep equals a £1 discount and for every additional 100 Sheep you will receive an extra £1 off your next purchase

You can earn Sheep by following Baa Baby on Instagram (100 Sheep), liking our page on Facebook (50 Sheep), and sharing Baa Baby on Facebook (50 sheep)

To redeem your points you need to log into the rewards panel and click 'ways to redeem'. You can then use the points slider to select how many points you would like to spend. When you click 'redeem' this will provide a coupon code to be applied at checkout. There is no minimum amount you need to spend when redeeming your points.

You can check your Sheep Balance by logging in and clicking on the rewards launcher.

200 POINTS worth £2 as soon as you sign up to our scheme

EXCLUSIVE OFFERS and discounts straight to your inbox

500 points worth £5 - when you refer a friend