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The Baa Baby Difference

Our Story

Hello and welcome to Baa Baby!

I'm Helen, the proud and very lucky owner of Baa Baby. The brand is run independently and still at times from my family home in rural Lincolnshire. Although my little ones aren’t so little anymore, Baa Baby is still very much led with my family-oriented philosophy centred around care, love and time being the most valuable currency.

A smiling woman with dark hair: Helen Clayton, Owner of Baa Baby.
Brown sheepskin baby booties from free roaming flocks in new zealand

How it all began

The gift of a very cute little pair of sheepskin booties from New Zealand planted the seed for Baa Baby back in 2007.

Understanding how sheepskin can regulate temperature and soothe babies to sleep led to a journey of discovery and bringing some of those products widely used in New Zealand back to the UK.

We grew (and we’re very lucky to still be growing ) but, in many ways, we stayed the same - our pram liners are still cut from a single fleece with no compromise on quality and those tiny lambskin booties from New Zealand are one of our top sellers today - not to mention my absolute favourite product.


Our Values




Whilst tag lines, logos, and brand colours have evolved through the years the core values of Baa Baby have remained. What’s important to my gorgeous brand isn’t portrayed through words, phrases or marketing - in business just as in life, actions speak much louder than words, and here’s just a couple of examples of where our heart is ….

The evolution of the Baa Baby logo

Whilst we are up there with our5 stars, we are not perfect. It’s the less than complimentary ones that have helped us to grow, to work on anything that frustrates customers and to continually move forward. Nothing hidden we are upfront and honest so read the 1 stars as well (it’s where I always go to see how customers are cared for) to see how we put things right.

We know it's the extra, little things, that really matter so we plant a tree for every review we get.

Four premium sheepskin pram liners in colors milk, leopard print, latte and honey and the reviews io logo
Premium sheepskin by Baa Baby supporting Rays of Sunshine

Our chosen charity working with seriously ill children. I remember first becoming a parent and the unimaginable thought that my child could become ill. For some parents it is sadly all about finding sunshine and happiness in the darkest of moments. We donate £1 from the sale of every pram liner and rug alongside projects such as packing bears for National Teddy Bear Day to support Rays of Sunshine. Look out for more projects and products as we grow together

Product Quality

Whilst I have to pay my bills and ensure a fair wage and terms for my staff, we don’t ever look to maximise profits or to compromise on quality. My background in teaching perhaps makes me a less than savvy businesswoman and some would say focused on the wrong priorities but for me Baa Baby is just perfect this way. Today our pram liners are still hand cut from a single fleece – we won’t compromise on patchwork and stitching for a cheaper product. After listening to our customer feedback about our cloth tote bags (sustainable but just not strong or big enough to be really useful) we have just moved to jute shoppers. We haven’t passed on the cost of this to customers, slightly less profit, happier customers and the satisfaction in my business that I value the most.

Sustainable jute shopper with Baa Baby logo and Rays of Sunshine logo with premium sheepskin inside
As Seen In Vogue text on top of an image of a blonde child on a luxury sheepskin rug

As of 2022, Baa Baby has won  several awards from Lux life, Absolutely Mama and Loved by Parents!

None could be more exciting than the prestigious Mother and Baby Award in 2021 for our pram liner in best travel accessory. This was independently tested by parents and we have lots of lovely comments and feedback on their website.

With just a touch of imposter syndrome and not wanting to shout about our business (not my best marketing idea) we have stepped forward and been featured in Green Parent Magazine, Absolutely Mama and most recently the iconic Vogue magazine

Our proudest achievement will always be staying grounded and keeping customers at our heart - whether that be through personalised fitting advice, our gifting service or bespoke hand cutting of products. I’m no saleswoman (or at best a really terrible one) if you can’t find something you love or that won’t work perfectly in your pram, I will be the first to let you know. I’d rather you didn’t buy anything and left happy and more knowledgeable that you felt ‘sold to.’

My home is still full of sheepskin - exploring new products, fitting new prams (my collection of prams is ever growing!) and making sure that everything we stock would be perfect for my own babies.

We remain thankful for every single one of you - thank you so much for visiting and making our dream possible. If there’s something you think we can do differently to improve we are always listening – just reach out,


Helen x