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Baby Shower Gift Guide

Picking the perfect, unique, baby shower gift is a lot harder than it initially looks!

If you need some inspiration you can check our 'best buys' section of our blog or you can scroll through our beautifully curated guide here!

The Baby Shower market is full of trinkets and novelties, leading to an overwhelming amount of choice and often gifts with no practical use. We all want to avoid harming the world our children will grow up in - so our gift choices are influenced by avoiding that throwaway culture!

Our three goals to tick in our Baby Shower gift guide are is it practical, neutral and natural

If you are looking to buy something for the nursery, check what the parent wants aesthetically, if you can!

Tummy time nursery rugs are a brilliant choice - if that is what you want to give! They come in long and shorn, both being brilliant choices for a nursery!

Even better - they can be used out of the nursery too! After all, a sheepskin rug is a beautiful item in it's own right!

Or if you are wanting to provide them with a natural first toy, why not a FLATOUT bear?

At Baa Baby, we stock FLATOUT Baby Bear (18cm x 16cm x 4cm) in MilkHoneyLatteChocolateLeopard and Koala.

We stock FLATOUT Big Bear (28cm x 24cm x 5cm) in MilkHoneyLatte,  Chocolate and Koala.

In addition, we sell FLATOUT Bear Rugs (85cm x 72cm) in Milk and Latte for a neutral nursery.

You can't go wrong with a Baa Baby gift card: