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Cybex Pram Fitting Guide

The Cybex unique shape and fixed harness means that it can be a little tricky to fit – but we’re here to help! Whether you’re looking for a pram liner or a sheepskin footmuff, we have compiled some bespoke fitting advice and images of our products fitted in the Cybex so that you can take a better look before you decide.

Pram Liners

If you’re on the lookout for a sheepskin pram liner to fit your Cybex, you will need to look at our Buggy Style Liners. Their tapered shape means that they’re a much better fit for the pushchair – and they’re available in a range of natural and gender-neutral colours and both shorn and long hair.

We have tried the buggy liner in both the Cybex Priam and the Cybex Eezy Twist

Our infographic shows you the measurements and exactly how and where the Buggy Style Liner will fit to your pram.

Infographic showing Buggy Style liner
A baby on a buggy liner in a Cybex Eezy Twist Pram

Here are two photographs showing the buggy liner in two different Cybex Prams.

The first photograph shows the liner in a Cybex Eezy Twist. The second photo shows the liner in the Cybex Priam.

Buggy style sheepskin liner in the Cybex Priam


The Cybex harness means that very few footmuffs fit it well. However, we have found that both the Fellhof Premium and the Kaiser Emma can fit neatly, depending on customer preference. Below are some images of the footmuffs fitted into the Cybex Priam so that you can decide on your favourite.

This picture shows a Black Fellhof Premium footmuff inside the Cybex Priam. The Premium is a slightly larger footmuff, making it longer lasting as your little one grows. There is also a seat shape sewn in to the footmuff, reducing any slippage and keeping baby comfortable.

Black Fellhof Premium sheepskin footmuff in a Cybex Priam Pram

We also have a close-up image of the Fellhof Premium inside the Cybex Priam, detailing the fittings, sewn-in seat shape and the colour and texture of the sheepskin.

close up of the harness of a Cybex Priam Pram with the sheepskin footmuff Fellhof Premium in it

If you’re on the lookout for something smaller, the Kaiser Emma fits neatly into the Cybex Priam as well as into many car seats and carry cots. It is shown here in Black.

Kaiser Emma Sheepskin Footmuff in the Cybex Priam pram