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Helen, Owner of Baa Baby

After many years working in education with challenging and socially deprived children I took a huge leap into the unknown to grow Baa Baby. I initially revelled in the simplicity of problems relating only to cashflow, suppliers and sheepskin – a relief after some of the heart breaking cases I had dealt with.

After a while I realised it wasn’t enough - I needed some meaning and satisfaction beyond a hard day’s work. Of course I want my business to grow, to pay myself and employees a fair salary, but Baa Baby isn’t really about that. In my heart I have come to learn that time and kindness are the only real currencies of any value.

As I write I imagine it sounds quite trite – it’s the ‘done thing’ for businesses these days to ‘find meaning’ but it’s really not a badge of honour - it’s as much for me as it is for any charities we work with.

After ad hoc giving and donating I felt like I wanted something more permanent and reflective of our growing business and this led me to Rays of Sunshine.

Rays of Sunshine

I chose Rays of Sunshine for a number of reasons – but one of the most important ones was the phone call I had with Nina. Through all the corporate arrangements, contracts and emails with children’s charities, Nina contacted me directly and spoke from the heart. We met, we chatted and as always it’s that genuine connection that make all the difference. Rays of Sunshine were not all about the donations (vital though they are), they wanted our involvement, our time, our ideas and to be a real partnership.

Rays of Sunshine grants wishes for seriously ill children - bringing happiness and a sprinkling of magic to families in their darkest hour. If you’ve been a new parent yourself you will know that there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of any harm, pain or worse happening to your child. You can find more about Rays of Sunshine and their amazing work here

Sheepskin rugs and liners piled up next tp a board that says Baa Baby. The 'Rays of Sunshine' logo is superimposed on the image

We donate £1 from every Baa Baby pram liner and rug sold to Rays of Sunshine, this means that each month our donation level varies and year on year we can offer more to them.

Lots of bears in boxes ready to be distributed for the National Teddy Bear Day event.

Last year we were lucky enough to be invited to work with our charity on their National Teddy Bear Day. So a couple of days we were away from the screens, packing and distributing hundreds of bears to Sheffield and Leeds Children’s hospital. One of my favourite days and time to reflect on how Baa Baby has grown from the days I used to pack orders, and how lucky we are to be at work, having fun and making a tiny bit of difference.

We have lots of new ideas on the horizon with Rays of Sunshine and will bring these to fruition during 2022 so watch this space.