Which Footmuff or Pram Liner For My Double Buggy Pram?

Which Footmuff or Pram Liner For My Double Buggy Pram?

Which Footmuff Or Pram Liner For My Double Buggy?

A duet or double buggy can pose a bit of a challenge in terms of finding the right pram accessories.

Pram liners and particularly footmuffs can be a bit tricky – primarily due the narrow seat and more restriction in terms of options. Don’t worry, you can still keep two cosy at once, it will just require a more personalised approach and careful fitting.  

Pram footmuffs recommended for a single version of a pram don’t always fit the duet version and our larger footmuffs such as the Fellhof Premium and Kaiser Nelly will be just too big and will swamp the frame.


Our Recommended Footmuff Choices For Double Buggy Pram

Since harnesses in most double prams run narrower, we recommend footmuffs with a more compact fit.

The Fellhof Flex is one of the most popular choices, it has a narrow fit with magnetic closes so no more zip struggles. The magnetic close has two options as well so can pull tighter and really suits a compact seat. There’s no need to compromise on growing room though as the section at the bottom can be opened to expand as your child grows.

mountain buggy pram with footmuff inside

We have had great feedback about the way it fits in the Mountain Buggy Duet Pram as well as in the Double Out ‘n’ About Nipper, both of which have proved a tricky fit in the past.

Another of our smaller options is the popular Kaiser Natura. This is an ‘entry level’ footmuff with a compact fit and zip openings from either side. Available in Organic Cotton and with the option of Mimosa White Sheepskin, this footmuff can also lie flat in the carrycot position before your little one transitions to the pushchair.

We’ve had customers share with us that the Kaiser Natura is a particularly great fit for the Bugaboo® Donkey - another popular double pushchair. 

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Our Recommended Pram Liner Choices For Double Buggy Pram

Due to the narrower fit of a double pushchair, our recommendation for a sheepskin pram liner would be our Baa Baby Buggy Style Liner available in multiple natural colours as well as in long and shorn hair. These liners have a slenderer cut. In addition, the harness openings are vertical, which makes it compatible with car seats, buggies and bouncers too. The supple leather backing means that it can tuck round a carrycot or Moses basket.


double buggy pram with two sheepskin liners

Need More Help?

If you have a specific question about fitting or would like some personalised advice, don’t hesitate to email us at baa@baababy.co.uk or to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

If you’re purchasing two footmuffs or liners, for your twins then check out Twins Trust as we have a discount for you if you are a member !